Tuesday, June 30, 2009


118 lb big eye and a few nice yellowfins. One of the yellowfins was caught on the kite! Fun day...Thanks


We had a nice catch of dolphin to go along with the white marlin release. Thanks.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


On Thursday our group needed to be back at the dock early, so we ran to one of the towers 20 miles out. The amberjack fishing was real good. We caught them on high speed vertical jigs and topwater plugs. At least five fish were fighting to get the top water plug every time it hit the water. All these fish were in the thirty to fifty pound range too! Great sport on the spinning rods! Thanks.
The boat in the picture hit the bridge pilings on the way out this morning. The main span has been real shallow recently, so we have been using the south span. There was a work barge in the south span which blocked half of the opening, not to mention the current.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The day started off with REAL thick fog. Once we finally cleared the inlet and got into the ocean it lasted for another 15 miles before it burned off.

Beautiful day on the water. We went south again and found some grass. 30 gaffers and 2 blackfin tunas. Fun day.

Check out the pictures of the kayakers in the gulf stream......hmmmmmmm.


We have fished 5 days since the last report. Fishing has been hit or miss with the tunas and still real good gaffer dolphin fishing. We had a bottom fishing request one day and caught a nice catch of blueline tiles. Mate, Brian took the camera with him to fish the Big Rock tournament last week, which explains the lack of pictures. The posted picture is a 40lb wahoo that they caught in the tournament. They also released a blue marlin that was just short of the tournaments length requirements. Thanks

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tony and his wife had a really pretty day with us on Tuesday. We caught a yellowfin a few dolphin and a 200 lb blue marlin. Tony did a great job fighting the blue marlin on light tackle, 25 lb test. Thanks